Adventures in Iceland

My first time abroad was in high school, and ever since, like countless others, I’ve felt a strong pull to just go. I’m lucky to have two friends who are similarly wanderlust-y and are willing to buy plane tickets on a whim. In the fall of 2014 we took a trip to England and Scotland via plane tickets that were bought within eight hours of prices dropping. When we returned from that trip, I set up price alerts on Skyscanner for Reykjavík to keep an eye on tickets “just to see what happens.” Flash forward to January 22, 2015, when I was sitting in the office and around 3:00 pm an email popped up from Skyscanner that round trip tickets to Reykjavík dropped down to $587 direct from Minneapolis, a drop of $260 from two days earlier.

I called my friend and said “So…I just got an email…” A few short minutes later she was in my office and we had our other friend on the phone. Things moved quickly from there, and this time, within two hours, we bought three one-way tickets to Iceland. Not only am I glad I have friends who are willing to jump at these kinds of things, but they’re also as crazy as I am to run with ideas. In this case, what started out as maybe a nice little weeklong trip to Iceland, turned into a few days there, a couple of days in Norway, and nine days in Ireland.

I won’t go into details of our entire trip right now, but wanted to share a few photos from our time in Iceland. Reykjavík, and Iceland as a whole, seems to be having a moment in the spotlight lately, showing up on many top places to visit lists, and for good reason. Its natural beauty is as otherworldly and breathtakingly beautiful as you’d imagine, and Reykjavík is as picturesque as you’ve heard, situated on the ocean with stunning mountain views, striking architecture, and adorable brightly colored houses.


6 thoughts on “Adventures in Iceland

    1. Thanks so much, Arielle! It’s impossible to take bad pictures in Iceland! I highly recommend going if you get the opportunity- IcelandAir has some great deals, especially in the off season (weather isn’t as nice, but tradeoffs, I suppose!). Have a great day!

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